Our mission

A sustainable ecotourism, responsibly managed as an essential pillar for the execution of conservation projects in the cloud forest area. Generating jobs for the local population, welfare, and development as well as spreading nature conservation initiatives.

Our vision

Being an enterprise, leader in ecotourism and conservation using sustainable practices that provide total satisfaction to our customers through our services.

Our values

1. Responsibility, Honesty, and Respect: Our characterization; the quality of our services is demonstrated doing effective and efficient decisions, assuming the consequences of the results. Punctual and faithful compliance of our commitments are the basis of our organization. The staff attitude to fulfill strictly our duties and tasks without deception means being right and transparent with customers, the company, and ourselves.
2. Optimism, Enthusiasm, and Sympathy: We are aware that good relationship with customers, staff, and suppliers is the result of a higher labor commitment; transmitting in turn emotion, joy, and pleasure that are expressed in kindness and attention.
3. Conservation and environmental care: Our principal inspiration is the conservation and environmental care and we apply this in all areas and activities we do in our workplace.
4. Business Loyalty: Faithfulness and identification with our mission, vision, and corporate values by promoting compliance with the objectives that the company would like to achieve.
Peru Verde seeks to conserve Peru's wildlife and wildlands through field research, habitat protection,
and eco-friendly economic alternatives for local communities.
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