(in alliance with ADVENTURE LIFE)

Is the immediate continuation of progressive efforts and initiatives designed with the purpose of involving the community Chontachaca (neighboring to the Conservation Area) and its people to achieve environmental awareness and issues related to sustainable use of natural resources. Upholding the diffusion of environmental education, moral and ethical values, encouraging self-esteem, personal growth and collective concern; key tools for progress and wellbeing.

Infrastructure and equipment


Improvement of main classroom, providing teaching materials, complemented with new sports and recreational tools. Creation of new learning spaces outside classrooms (gardens and small experimental ecological farm)

Training and student encouragement


Workshops and training lectures, educational video expositions, activities for improvement of self-esteem, visit to places of interest outside school, motivational activities, evaluation and follow-up activities and academic achievement certification.

Community development


Integration program (parents, especially mothers) within the small farm for the teaching and exhibition of enhanced practices of the use of land, water and handling of crops. Art and hady crafts courses -aimed for economic diversification- including cultural and recreational activities for adults.




Main objective:


Promote the educational process and student wellbeing of Chontachaca community, strengthening academic issues, ethical and moral values, while enhancing the respect towards nature and life.


Secondary objectives.


  • Stimulate the interest of students for the intrinsic value of the natural resources of the area.
  • Disseminate approaches related to the sustainable use of natural resources.
  • Strengthen criteria regarding the importance of protected areas and their social function. Particularly regarding the Cloud Forest Private Conservation Area.
  • Establish facilities that will allow the encouragement of recreational and sports activities among participants.
  • Create opportunities for cultural interaction involving parents and general public.
  • Recognize and encourage the progress of outstanding participants.


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