(sponsored by: EFN - World Wildlife Fund)
The Reforestation Program we intend to undertake for the next three years is based in an interactive participation of local communities based on an educative and practical training experience. The true success of this initiative will be established by societyís replica of this initial project.




Establish a multiple species reforestation program at impacted land at Cloud Forest Private Reserve (ACP Bosque Nublado) based on the regeneration and rehabilitation of habitat for emblematic Cock of The Rock (for feeding and reproduction), while supporting effort for maintaining its atmospheric humidity absorption and carbon capture functions.



  • Construction of an operative nursery and seeding farm at Cock of The Rock Lodge.
  • Planting of 5000 trees and bushes (all components of endemic birdís diet, 94 species).
  • Undertake a training program related to reforestation and environmental issues (to local farmers and landowners and young students of Pillcopata and Patria).
  • Undertake a volunteering planting program for young students (from Patria, Pillcopata and Chontachaca) associated to regeneration and rehabilitation of habitats.


Meeting with students (Patria) Nursery activities (Cock of The Rock Lodge)


The local electrical public system has an undergoing Expansion Project that aims to link the high valley areas power supply to the entire KcosŮipata Basin, situation has translated into a notorious intervention on the Forestís scenery and also produced a negative environmental impact; implicating a number of landslides and an estimated 400ha of lost vegetal coverage, deforestation, illegal hunting and littering.




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